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0 #1 Lucia Perry 2017-03-20 16:58
I love your silent movies. I haven't gone for about a year, but I used to bring my parents, born in 1916 and 1910 to the movies, and we all loved them!
I might have also brought my grandmother, but she died in 1998, age 104. I may not be recalling this correctly.
My grandmother's cousin was Eve Unsell, a pioneer in the early movie scene. She was born in Chicago, moved to New York City, and I believe worked on movies in New Jersey. She moved to Hollywood by 1913. She also helped get the British actors interested in Hollywood and lived in London for awhile, working with the movie business. I have lots of her portraits and clippings. She WROTE over 90 scripts for early movies!
Eve Unsell. Look her up on Wikipedia and on Facebook, or in historical references online about women pioneers of film. I'd love to see one of her movies at the Orpheum!
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